[xs-72] Agnes Heginger and Karlheinz Essl - Out of the Blue


artist: agnes heginger and karlheinz essl
album: out of the blue

release date: 31/03/2010
contact: webpage
cover: front

On December 9th, 2010 I made my way to the Essl Museum in search of the lost spirit of Advent. It was there that Agnes Heginger and Karlheinz Essl performed for the first time as a duo, developing an improvised musical dialogue 'out of the blue'. Somehow 'out of the blue' fit perfectly for me because I was looking for a way out of my melancholy December mood. Instead of chairs there were cushions spread out on the floor that seemed to invite the audience to a direct, unconventional and comfortable listening experience.
The Essl/Heginger performance: responsive, unpretentious and focused. There was a positive feeling of closeness and a friendly attentiveness towards the audience.

From the very first moment I was stunned and amazed, and at the same time touched and fascinated with what then happened. As I sank deeper into my floor cushion, I felt almost embarrassed by a let's say 'complete sense of happiness'. Two highly sensitive personalities engaged each other in a dialogue that should go down in history as a prime example of musical interaction.

There were many innovative moments, alternating quite willingly the musicians pulled each other into reflection, with clear sighted independence, fusing things into perspective. With a dramatic climax at the perfect moment, they communicated affectionately with virtuoso clarity to a spellbound audience. Whether it was 'out of the blue' or carefully planned, the opportunity to listen to Agnes Heginger's and Karlheinz Essl's musical dialogue was indeed my good fortune.

You were certainly left hoping that this musical conversation will be continued.

Press review by Jörg Duit

[xs-71] cage cabarrett - covil radiophonic workshop

artist: cage cabarrett
album: covil radiophonic workshop

release date: 31/03/2010
more details and stream
contacts: myspace
cover art: front

Cage Cabarrett explores notions of indeterminacy in art. We encourage a DIY aesthetic and we value simplicity over complexity. Like Dada before, Cage Cabarrett stands for a strong anti-commercialism attitude and an anti-art sensibility, disparaging the conventional market-driven art world in favor of an artist-centered creative practice.
We believe in the creation of art by chance, exploiting the principle of randomness. The word derives from the Latin word alea, the rolling of dice. We give you the sound of that rolling dice. It sounds like Cage Cabarrett!

[xs-70] hui-chun lin - selected improvisation works

artist: hui-chun lin
album: selected improvisations work

release date: 31/03/2010
contacts: myspace
cover art: front

Hui-Chun Lin, is a Solo cellist. She works with improvisation, theatrical music, world music, and contemporary music interpretation. Born in 1979 in Taiwan, she plays violoncello, on which she received a classical education. Since 2006, she finished her study in Leipzig, Germany, she lives also in the same city as a cello player and an artist.
Her artistic versatility appears in the co-operation in numerous projects with theatre, dance performance, contemporary and classical music and also world music. She also had appearances with different music festivals, like: the Leipzig Jazz Festival 2007 with Beat Freisens Spelunkenorchester.
After her postgraduate study in improvisation, she received a teaching assignment for improvisation in the university for music and theatre in Leipzig.

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  • [xs-71] cage cabarrett - covil radiophonic workshop
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  • [xs-26] cláudio moreira - showcase @ fnac bragaparque 02-06-08
  • [xs-25] la stanza bianca - cristina bardo thodol
  • [xs-24] algo - there will never be another you
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  • [xs-10] tet open ensamble - zen trip
  • [xs-09] minson - hidden monsters
  • [xs-07] C R Moreira - sauroposeidon
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