[xs-58] v.a. - past present and future

artist: various
album: past present and future (meditation on the ascetic role of music in human existence)

release date: 17/05/2009
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For those who use it and want to use it, Music is certainly more than just a form of expression or language, no matter if we consider it to be universal or not. It is part of our existential condition, it is a way of transcending beauty, through love and friendship and all that is around it - Life. Music is beyond religion or judgment, no matter if you are atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu, open minded or anything else. It is a way to practice Asceticism, no matter if you believe or not in the relationship between macro and micro-structures. It is a way of making a statement about and for the world and ourselves.

In my life I have learned some things, of which the main and most recent discoveries, is that we all make part of the very same thing, and we are all connected. So if Music is a relevant dimension of our existence, we make Music with and for other people. Even if we think that we can make it without other people, something extremely personal, something like a daily-route escape, the seeds of our existence are embedded in it, our dreams, our fears.

In the past year XS Records [pt netlabel] started a gigantic task - creating a circuit for people to share Music, in their own personal way, such that each ones personal vision is not captive to each ones studio, but free for other people to listen to it. And in that way share everything we make and our beliefs, with respect for the differences among all of the people that are inside this boat, this train, this airplane, on this thing that is our Life. The blind man is welcome, the virtuoso is welcome, the average men and women are welcome. Everyone one is Welcome, to share the same embrace that is MUSIC.

And this is not only done by welcoming everyone, but also by breaking all boundaries bringing as much diversity as possible in the name of an ascending quality, and in that sense since the Music in this two sided-release is really good, then consequently a lot of really good people are here represented. And I can say I am proud to share this with these guys, so I will let you discover each one personally.

I've done my best compiling this, and hope you all listen to this Music and have a lot of pleasure listening to it. If you enjoy this compilation then, I can say: I was successful doing it.

Part One

01 - João Clemente - Chamber of Dismemberment by Chariot
02 – Aaldo - Mantra
03 - Minson - Contagious passion
04 - Ziur - The mind of a budist monk
05 - Claudio Moreira - AQUATICA Artificialis & Naturalis
06 - The Astroboy
07 - Isaac de la Concha - Caminos y valles
08 - Subterminal - Still
09 - Light Implant - Barack Obama
10 - Topi Reta - Cuando los Payasos invadieron la Tierra
11 - Hyaena Reich - Zlknf - telegramme de brest cover wampa
12 - Luis Salgado - Pict
13 - Miguel Urbano - Doepfer1
14 - Most People Have Been Trained To Be Bored - Spontaneity less hampered
15 - ocp - Untitled Tower

Part Two

01 – Necrostilet – Amor de cabeça perdida (feat. Valter Hugo Mãe e Luis Fernandes)
02 - João Clemente - Chamber of Heart-digging
03 - Filipe Lopes - Whitemusic
04 - Essl.Burger - EsslMuseum#2
05 - Daily Misconceptions - How to wake up slow and easy in the morning
06 - José Gomes - Distorção 16Bit L2
07 - AGF - minimalTunesia
08 - Adamned.age - In abwesenheit
09 - Jorge Nunes - Tatoo
10 - Hola One - Hipnozia

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  • [xs-45] jorge nunes - comprimido
  • [xs-44] moreu - gong music
  • [xs-43] 10konekt - telekom
  • [xs-42] ziur - concretement
  • [xs-41] engenho - amazónia
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  • [xs-30] palindromic resonance - voidfuck sessions
  • [xs-29] lights on - words of nature
  • [xs-28] die minimalistin - isolator
  • [xs-27] renato folgado - late
  • [xs-26] cláudio moreira - showcase @ fnac bragaparque 02-06-08
  • [xs-25] la stanza bianca - cristina bardo thodol
  • [xs-24] algo - there will never be another you
  • [xs-23] the oniric - the oniric
  • [xs-21] forgotten ruins - forgotten ruins
  • [xs-18] youth and student travel - copy me copy you
  • [xs-17] landerim - shallow draw
  • [xs-16] EXurban - leerstand untergrund
  • [xs-15] emanuel salvador - selected performances
  • [xs-13] lights on - save the world
  • [xs-12] adamned.age - photosphaere
  • [xs-10] tet open ensamble - zen trip
  • [xs-09] minson - hidden monsters
  • [xs-07] C R Moreira - sauroposeidon
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    I won’t obviously explain you that in here but you can easily find that information in wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netlabel and information about creative commons in http://creativecommons.org

    Is this music really free? Just download?.. Do i need to pay to play it in clubs?

    Yes it's free. All tracks are released under a by-nc-nd creative commons license (unless otherwise specified), and are also all unsigned from any of those artist royalties ripoff associations. That means that it's free to download, distribute and broadcast without needing to pay anything to anyone, not even to the GEMA / RIAA / SPA / SGAE / TEOSTO / whatever. The only thing you can't do with it is claim ownership or release any derivatives commercially without the artists permission. All broadcasting and non profit distribution activity is perfectly legal and legislated.

    Can i share these releases using bittorrent or other p2p applications?

    Yes. We want our releases and artists to be known across the whole multiverse and beyond. So please _do_ abuse whatever independent distributing technology you see fit, including http, ftp, dcc, fserver, cdr, radiocast, webcast, bittorrent and whatever other p2p solution you can imagine. Just as long as you are not collecting money from our artists work, you're free to re-distribute it in any way you see fit.

    This is great, how can i support you guys?

    If you like a specific artist we encourage you to support them directly, check their myspace pages for special contributions and upcoming events. We will prepare ourselves to receive also paypals donatives to help promote de musicians (printing CDRs and DVDs to sell at a symbolic price, and so on).