[xs-61] carlos d. perales - acousmotion

artist: carlos d. perales
album: acousmotion

release date: 2/07/2009
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after releasing karlheinz essl performance with klaus burger, we are releasing carlos perales, which is like a returning to the musical orientations of electroacoustic avant garde music, but this time in fixed media (acousmatic) support. and in this sense we are happy because we are doing things each step to make the music we release reaching as many people as possible, and not to confine composers and musicians to their own home studio. we can say that we are as happy to release perales as we were happy to release poros or essl. and we cannot speak as well of carlos music has he speaks, reason why we leave you his text about his his music written by himself.

tiago morgado (in the hand of xs records [pt netlabel]


The brain of intelligent mammals constitutes the most organized form of matter known until now. Trying to understand this operating, the scientist behaves as an engineer would do in front of a machine; this is, firstly he would study and identify the components and then he would try to quarrel how do they work and how do these relations establish between them as a whole. In these relations, the structural and functional unit corresponds to the neuronal synapses. This way so, this interaction among neuronal components is the base of our cognition.

There exist cerebral diseases that are tied to an abnormal functioning of some neuronal synapses. Certain pathologies, as the cerebral arteriosclerosis, more known as Alzheimer, have been unjustly introduced in our society. This disease is caused principally by destruction of neurons of a cerebral region named the basal nucleus of Meynert, which establishes cholinergic synapses with the cerebral cortex. Our life turns then into a carrousel of false images, dismembered recollections, slanted impressions, constant dreams... This sonic synapses is dedicated to all whom have to fight against themselves.


In full technological modernity surprise me to see even the manual method to remove with patience the nits from the hair of children. Sometimes my subconscious leads me along grotesque paths and makes me to do some bizarre associations. In this work I see a craftsman against this nits, but this time, the nits are not other than ideas that the worship of ancient myths. At the same time those are difficult to remove, they also put it not that easy. Modernity cannot remain in vain advancement of technologies and therefore this craftsman wants to eliminate all traces of old-fashioned prejudices, fears, religious ties, double and triple standards.


Aubrey de Grey, engineer specialized on data analysis, argues that genetic senescence (molecular degeneration) is a parameter that, according to the latest research, could be corrected. He claims that we have a 50% chance of achieving the goal of living until 1000 years in 25 to 30 years of appropriate research. In this case, the genetic information of cells that go growing old and deteriorating would be corrected. Based on this conjecture my attention focused on simple hydridae such as Hydra, which do not have this congenial defect. The Hydra is a fresh-water animal, usually a few millimeters long and very interesting for the scientific community because it has this regenerative ability. They appear to be unique in the animal world because of not suffering from senescence. Based on this ability to self reparation, the work is divided into 3 sections. Each of them have a similar behavior, as the used samples develop micro evolutions on themselves, becoming degenerate and transforming to similar materials.

carlos perales

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